Ash-large-_01Ashleigh is presently working on a brand new arrangement / production of Bring Me Sunshine, the song which for many years was associated with the wonderful Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise. This recording is to be adopted as the theme music of the Tribute to Eric Project which begins in her home town Morecambe very soon.

Ashleigh is delighted to be part of this nationwide initiative. She commented…
“It’s a great honour for someone like me, at the start of my career to be associated with such a loved and respected star of show business”.

2015 promises to be an exciting year for Ashleigh. She has been working in the studio with world renowned writer / producer Kevin Malpass recording new songs for an EP. This project is expected to be completed by early summer with releases coming soon.

22 year old Ashleigh has made an initial impact in the North West of UK thanks to her debut single Tell Me It’s Over which was released on the Steep Smithy label in July 2014. For Ashleigh the single was the beginning of a dream come true, the first big step in the pursuit of a full time career in music. It is a journey which had its origins in listening to her beloved grandma Naina belt out her repertoire of country songs. Ashleigh’s response was to do the same using the karaoke machine which was a present on her seventh birthday.

Not surprisingly her early performances carried a country music flavour but Ashleigh, aged just sixteen moved on, becoming an act singing cover versions of current pop hits in pubs and clubs. She polished those skills and many others whilst studying for a BA Honours Degree in Performing Arts at the University of Central Lancashire.

After a chance meeting with songwriter Mike Croft, Ashleigh began to work on original material helping her to discover and develop her own vocal identity. These days she acknowledges her original music influences but now describes herself as a pop singer with a quirky flick in her voice.

Award winning producer James McMillan captured the beauty and individual quality of Ashleigh’s voice in his production of Tell Me It’s Over. There has been a very positive response to the record from both her fans and music professionals. Ashleigh delivered stunning live performances of the song on BBC Radio London, BBC Radio Lancashire and all the regional radio stations in the north west of UK… as well as on stage at each of her gigs.

BBC Radio London’s Gaby Roslin commented….“I can’t believe that was your very first performance on the was so good”.

“The song tells a story that will be familiar to many of our listeners. You told that story beautifully”. John ‘Gilly’ Gillmore BBC Radio Lancs.